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Spencer Day Interview – “I feel like I’m at a major crossroads in my life that is scary but also very exciting”.

Spencer Day is a very talented singer from the west coast area near Los Angeles. Though he came from humble beginnings, Spencer has worked his way up to a world…

He sings like he’s a seasoned jazz musician –

“He sings like he’s a seasoned jazz musician, and his natural charisma and presence really make (his music) highly enjoyable…Spencer Day is a charming musician from start to finish, as…

Spencer Day’s Daybreak definitely gets a thumbs up from me. –

“You’ll get a jazz look at the 1960’s that’ll get your toes tappin’ and your fingers snappin’… The whole album is a great listen that pulls you in. Spencer Day’s…

Day’s Music is Simply Charming, From Top to Bottom –

“Day’s music is simply charming, from top to bottom. Where should we place him? Jazz? Pop? Crooner’s music? Which genre really does not matter.” – – Album Number Five… and It’s Good.

“Album number five from jazzeteer, Spencer Day, sees him paying homage to the sixties, with an album split evenly between originals and covers. And it’s good.” –

An Authentic Day for the Rising Star & Philanthropist

Spencer Day’s The Mystery Of You is no doubt a groovy song, however, there’s no mystery to the man. He’s out there, transparent and living his life authentically – honestly while having…

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