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September 01, 2003



  • Gonna make you mine
  • Arizona Blue
  • Down by the river
  • Oh Lady be good!
  • Show me the way
  • On the stage
  • Skylark
  • Devil Woman
  • Angel Mine
  • Blame it on my youth
  • Love is a light
  • The green leaves of summer

“A rising star carries stylistic range to dizzying heights” –Rob Bhatt – Where Magazine ( May 2005 “Discovery of the Year, 2004 – Norah Jones and Michael Buble, meet your new competition -this kid can sing” –Joe Brown, San Francisco Chronicle (January 2005) “Range is incredible. Connects with the audience. A great performer.” –Lance Bass, NSYNC

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  1. I have and love your Vagabond CD – but I would like to hear what your other ones sound like, but can’t sample them online.
    Is there somewhere online that I can do that instead of blindly purchasing?


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