Special Announcement from Spencer! “Daybreak” new release date 5/16

Hello everyone and greetings from beautiful Mallorca! This is my first trip to Spain (apart from a 1 day stint in Barcelona years ago) and I am loving it. I wanted you to know that we’ve decided to delay the release of my new album, “Daybreak” for a few days.

I want this to be my best album ever, so I’m spending a little extra time in the studio to get the songs just right. I think (hope) that you will agree that it’s worth the short wait.

“Daybreak” is scheduled to release on May 16, and, if you keep an eye on my website, you might find it available a bit sooner . Good news: the first single from “Daybreak” is my original song, “Missing Tonight” and it should be available on radio any day now, please listen! Very grateful for your support (and patience).

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