Touring and Radio Play

Hello Friends! I’m writing from beautiful, stunning Austria. This is the land of “The Sound of Music” and I expect to see Maria and the von Trapp family around every corner. Growing up in a Mormon home, my entertainment choices were G-rated musicals and Disney flicks. “The Sound of Music” was one of my favorites and the songs keep filling my head. Yesterday was Salzburg-home to Mozart and so much musical history. I love my job!
I wanted to wish everyone a very happy August and let you know that a growing number of radio stations are playing tracks from my newest album, Daybreak, and the reviews are really positive. Thanks to Sirius/XM and other stations that are spinning Daybreak.
Thanks also to all of my fans in the U.S. who have come to my shows. Your support means the world to me. Stay tuned, more good music to come!
Peace and Love to all.

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